From ICOM 101: Industry Leaders I am Choosing to Follow


Jay Bilas Twitter Profile Picture (8/31/11)
Jay BilasJay Bilas is a regular on ESPN, especially during College Basketball Season.  He regularly tweets about the NCAA and how they punish student-athletes etc.!/JayBilas


Jason WhitlockJason Whitlock is former Ball State graduate.  He has been on ESPN, FOX News, etc.  He is honest and funny at times.  He makes sarcastic tweets about news events at times that make me laugh.!/WhitlockJason


Ed Wolfstein/Icon SMI
Peter GammonsPeter Gammons is one of the most prestigious baseball reporters in recent time.  He has won the National Sports Writer of the Year three times (1989, 1990,  and 1993)!/pgammo


Ken Rosenthal Twitter Picture (8/31/11)
Ken RosenthalKen Rosenthal is a constant contributor on FOX baseball.  He writes as well.!/Ken_Rosenthal


Jayson Stark Twitter Picture (8/31/11)
Jayson StarkJayson Stark is a very interesting person to follow on Twitter and his blog.  He gives very interesting factoids and such things.!/jaysonst

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