From ICOM 101: How Media Technology has effected My Life


My Twitter Pic as of September 7, 2011.
I grew up in a household without a computer for a large portion of my life.  Then after we finally got a computer (running on the old school Windows 95 OS) probably around the year 2000 we did not have the internet either.I grew up out in the country in an area that was away from cable and broadband access as well.  Then when I was in Middle School my parents finally started getting the internet….dial-up internet…..Then even once we got internet access we did not have it but much more than a month at a time.  Anybody remember these below?


AOL CD ROM Free Trial Disks
Yea these were free trials to AOL.  I remember them only lasting about a month for the most part.  Then once one would expire my parents would wait a couple months before reactivating the account again, usually bringing a new email address as well with it.  Therefore I would lose many of my contacts and saved things.Dial-up was very much a pain in the rear, and I would know considering it was all my mother ever had at her house until within the last 6 months.  It took over the phone line, not allowing any incoming or outgoing calls and was just extremely slow.  I credit waiting for webpages to load led to my “Above-average skill at Solitaire”.So needless to say I never spent much time on my computer through my early years.  I learned a lot in school, but I could never really use what I learned in practice at home.

As a result I was never able to get such things like iPods, mp3 players, or Facebook/MySpace profiles.  There was not much point in purchasing a large music storage system when it would take an hour or so to download just one song, via iTunes.  Therefore I was left out of the “technological loop” for awhile.

I also did not have a mobile phone until I was a Senior in high school.  This was a concern to me because all my friends would text each other all the time instead of call.  You cannot text on a land line home-phone either.

But really things my Senior year of High School and in college started to change.  For instance I finally got my own cell phone my senior year.  That made it much easier for me to get a hold of friends to do things compared to my Junior year.

The dial-up internet never changed much while I was in high school, but my Junior we made the upgrade to Windows XP based new computer.  I think it is safe to say many people had made upgrades between Windows 95 to Windows XP well before we did.  With the better computer it helped things on the internet and such go smoother, but it was still that crummy old dial-up connection.

Beginning my last semester of high school I finally gave in to the social media craze and joined Facebook.  I had always said I wasn’t into that stuff before.  But I just felt like it was a cool way to stay in touch with some friends going to schools farther away than I would be.

Then I graduated and was able to really use some faster internet at Ball State than I was able to at home.  So I was finally getting the opportunity to use the internet for more of what it is.

So armed with my own laptop and internet speeds that have far exceeded what I was used to at home I was able to start really doing things my friends and others were doing.

At one point about a year ago I had about 800 Facebook friends.  Did I know all of them?  No.  Was my privacy settings very protective?  No.  So let’s say about a year ago I started deleting people on Facebook I didn’t know.  That brought me down to around the 730 friend plateau.  But since then I have deleted more people that I never talk to and such, for various reasons.  Currently I sit around the mid-300’s in terms of Facebook friends and I can safely safe I know 100% of them.  I also turned my privacy settings up through the roof from where they were.  (Oh and to any of my 400-500 Facebook friends that have been removed, miss me yet?)

I also have gotten into Twitter, to put it lightly.  I have over 21,000 Tweets to my name currently.  I have literally been told that I have a Twitter addiction.  I went through and figured out based on the day I found I started my Twitter account  how many tweets per day I average.  I am averaging about 30 tweets a day.  Many people find it hard to tweet that much in a week, OR EVEN  MONTH!

I have been told on multiple occasions to stop or slow down my tweeting.  For instance last night, when I was on a “Twitter Rampage” I was sent this from my friend Devin on twitter when I was going on about a baseball game.


That’s just the most recent example, but I have been told in person and told on twitter to slow down.  What I really like about Twitter is the opportunity to spread news and share things.  I share a lot of articles I read, usually sports related, and tweet about things I find interesting.  I retweet a lot as well, my thinking is if it interested me it should interest my “LilDavids” (LilDavids or #LilDavids is the nickname I have given to the people who follow me on Twitter).

My twitter style definitely is not always PG rated.  I try to be the closest representation of who I really am on there as I am in real life.  Me being a person who likes to joke around and sometimes say things others wouldn’t say out loud is portrayed on my Tweets.  My topics of interest on there are mostly sports and news related with some conversations with people, with a hefty side of my type of humor.

Sometimes I might say something on their other people may not like, but that is just me in person so it is me on Twitter.  I am not a person who will ever act or pretend to be someone different than who I am.  Even if that means I throw in some profanity in my tweets at times.  I see some people type things like “@$$” an such but I know everybody who reads that knows what it means and that’s what they will think when they read it.  So I don’t waste people’s time by censoring in that way.

My life has just changed so much since I have emerged myself into more and more technology.  I spend much more time on the computer doing everything from homework, playing games, watching videos, to social networking than I probably ever imagined myself to be at this point in 5th grade.

But yet even with all these new technological parts involved in my life I have not changed who I am.  These tools have just enhanced what I already was as I see.  My life has always revolved around playing and/or watching sports.  That is what I read online, watch a lot of online, to talk about.  I am listening to the same type of music I have always liked, it is just now in digital form rather than CD form.  So technology has definitely played a huge roll in my life, but at the same time it has not changed my life.  It has just brought me more forms of being able to fulfill my likes, via watching a MLB game out of my market on MLB Gameday or something as simple as doing homework.  It is also stuff I would be doing or wanting to do anyway.

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