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Why Internet Privacy Matters
Nice you made your Facebook status.  What was it?  Oh yeah, it was “Going out of town for a week”.  Also are you really good friends with all your Facebook “friends”?Turns out, no because a guy you knew from high school came and stole all your valuable stuff when you were gone.  How did he know where you lived?  If you guessed from the information tab on you Facebook you are correct.Obviously I just made up that scenario, but that is something that could very well happen by sharing your life story online.  You have to be very careful about what you choose to share online.  For one, you cannot always be certain the person you are talking to online is really the person you think they are.  This is evident from shows like Dateline NBC’s series “To Catch A Predator”.Yet again that may be an extreme where the chances of happening are not likely.  But what if you think you are talking to your girlfriend or boyfriend online and then you say something “saucy” and it turns out to be his/her little brother.  Now that is something very likely.  Little siblings pretending online to be their older sibling happen a lot.

This can spell a lot of trouble if the younger sibling decides to share with your significant other’s parents what you said.  Possible job offers can be affected by how you look online as well.  When it comes down to two different candidates and the person hiring sees these two pictures who do you think they are going to choose?  (Assuming they have comparable resumes).

Yeah, unless you are duct tape company I think you are going to decide on the guy in the suit.  If you are selling duct tape however, I bet the dude on the left has helped your stock prices enough that he is worth a shot.A person having their identities stolen is a huge problem in the world of today.  A person that has their identity stolen can suffer many side effects both financially and emotionally.  A stolen identity can hinder you financially for a long time and can cost a ton of money to fix.I personally like the internet and all it does, but I try not to give up too much information.  I never have my Twitter Geo-location turned on for example.  Facebook has never had my address.  I do not see the point of FourSquare.  I don’t want to be Mayor of something stupid.  I do not find an e-mail address or a Twitter name too private.  Those are my preferred ways of communication online until I get to know somebody better and I give them my phone number personally.

Why Internet Privacy Doesn’t Matter
“Hey don’t call that water cooler stupid!  I like being the Mayor of this water cooler and I worked very hard campaigning.  Also really dude, what are the chances of that stuff happening to me?  It is just so easy, simple, & convenient to keep in touch with my friends.  I like sharing stuff online.”This is how many other people feel too.  Employers understand the changing world, and its not like they don’t have fun doing the same stuff.  I bet most people hiring have at one point had their friends tape them up to a wall too.  I bet they have also done as John Stewart’s character (Kevin Garrity) in Big Daddy did:

It is a changing world and everybody knows it.  The point of acceptability has shifted with technology and time.  Anyway even if that point hasn’t changed nobody really knows everything I put online besides the people I would want to know.  I see no point in sharing my story.

The world is becoming a more “Look at What I Did” place and people want others to know what they have done and everything about them.  There is nothing wrong with this.  Everybody just quit complaining and it is what it is.

Privacy isn’t important anymore.

Or is it?  You decide on Your Own


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