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NASCAR Races Ends While Injuring 28 Fans

  1. Auto racing has always been a very dangerous sport.  However most of the time the risk of danger falls solely on the competitors.  The competitors know the risk is involved, but the thrills they enjoy outweigh the potential dangers in their minds.  On the other hand, as a fan when you go to a venue, no matter the sport — or for that part any entertainment venue such as a concert or theater — you are expected to be in little to no more danger than your typical afternoon.  But last weekend during NASCAR’s Nationwide Series race at Daytona International Speedway a wreck occurred crossing the finish line on the final lap sending Kyle Larson’s No. 32 car up into the fence.
  2. Scary scene as Kyle Larson went into the fence on the final lap of Nationwide race at Daytona: http://pic.twitter.com/rblBLHz6cK
  3. All the cars left on the track were all full throttle, with speeds exceeding 190 mph.  The checkered flag was out, and all the drivers were shuffling for the highest finishing position possible.  Then a block was put on by driver Reagan Smith, the then leader, resulting in Larson’s car tearing through the fencing separating the grandstands from the race track.  Larson’s No. 32 was completely torn apart.
  4. Kyle Larson exiting his car after huge crash at #Daytona #Nascar race. (@AP photo) http://on.msnbc.com/X3SyUh http://yfrog.com/nuc75gp
  5. From the picture above, by Jim Roberts, you can see how the fence just completely tore the front end off of Larson’s car.  That picture alone makes you feel good that Larson got out of the car.  But then you begin to wonder what happened to all the missing parts.  The following picture helps answer that question.
  6. Del auto de Kyle Larson, solo quedó el habitáculo #NASCAR http://pic.twitter.com/O1gFDBiSEs
  7. Debris from the car flew all over the front stretch as well as into the crowd, which included Larson’s motor ending up on the wrong side of the fence…on fire…
  8. Kyle Larson’s engine goes through the catch fence at Daytona during wild last lap crash in Nationwide race. http://pic.twitter.com/s12njfyf88
  9. The following picture does a better job at displaying how large the hole was in the fencing that resulted from the accident.
  10. Amazing screen grab of Kyle Larson’s motor on the wrong side of the fence #nascar http://pic.twitter.com/b5JSs5zHD7
  11. I was watching this race while this all took place live.  Coming to the last lap everything seemed to point toward and exciting finish, but I was shocked to see what happened.
  12. I was not the only one’s attention immediately went to the fans in the crowd.  The winner of the race, Tony Stewart, at first parked his car on pit lane and did not plan on even visiting Victory Lane, but he was eventually told by NASCAR officials that he needed to go there.  He did so, but did no celebrating.
  13. Regan Smith was interviewed after the race and took the blame for the accident.  But at the same time gave a solid explanation as to why he through the block on Brad Keslowski, who was about to make a move to pass him.
  14. Regan Smith: “My fault. I threw a block. I’ll take the blame for it. But when you see the checkered flag at Daytona, you’re going to block.”
  15. Smith had not intention to create the ensuing events, and while the move had a significant amount of risk involved most other drivers are going to do the same exact thing.  There are certain times you just don’t back down in sports.  Racing at Daytona brings out the same emotions that playing in the Super Bowl would for an NFL player.  It was also the last lap, he did not make this move in the middle of the race that resulted in some fans being placed on stretchers.
  16. Regan Smith is a dangerous driver. Willing to injure anyone to make a block. @nascar @espn #daytona http://pic.twitter.com/TchHZn5S94
  17. I ended the last paragraph the way I did to hopefully counteract the caption in the photo above, bring the conversation back to the middle ground.
  18. Sadly you cannot have every single safety outcome accounted for in any sort of preparation, especially one at such at speeds.
    But many steps have been taken and a lot of money is placed into making races as safe as possible.
  19. Daytona 500 — Rick Hendrick willing to work on crash technology es.pn/W7ADO4
  20. Samantha Busch, wife of driver Kyle Busch, says it perfectly below.
  21. This is what’s left of 32 car. Says a lot about @NASCAR’s safety precautions that a driver can walk away from that http://twitpic.com/c69u4n
  22. The number of fans sustaining injuries has been varying.  But the most recent number I am finding is in an article on ESPN.com that has the count at “at least 28” fans being injured.