Coming Full Circle (Final Exam Blog)

Picture This fall has had its ups and down, both my personal life and as a student at Ball State.  If you follow me on Twitter you know some of the stuff going on in my personal life.  However, this blog post is going to concentrate on what I learned and experience in ICOM 101.

Let’s begin with what has gone down at Penn State this fall.  In short former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky has been alleged to have sexually molested young boys while at Penn State University.  This has led to the firing of an all-time great coach of any sport, Joe Paterno.

Some of the charges that are being filed are quite graphic.  Many people like Chris Papst, of CBS 21 News, believe the way Penn State handled the situation makes it even worse.  After talking to three Public Relations experts they all said Penn State handled the situation badly.  They also argue that Penn State was not thinking about the kids when the news broke.  Instead they concentrated protecting their brand.

Which leads me to a column by Jason Whitlock for Fox Sports.  At first many people argued that Joe Paterno should not be fired and be allowed to at least coach in his final home game of the season.  I’ll be honest, at first I, myself thought Paterno should get that opportunity.  I believe people are innocent until proven guilty and I felt like the allegations were centered around Sandusky’s actions and the lack of reporting the actions by Mike McQueary.  I feel different now as more things are becoming known.  Whitlock makes the point that Penn State, and many institutions in general are more concerned about how they are valued as institutions than the actual people that are there.  This is very evident with schools that have big time athletic programs.

Where I pointed out how problems like these are bigger within prestigious athletic problems is agreed with in the Miami Herald.  In Fred Grimm’s column makes valid points on how morality is taking a back seat to revenue and college athletics.  He used examples that included a local school in his area not reporting to the police in regards to an underage sex crime.

A different outlook on the situation can be found in a blog written by Black Shoe Diaries.  The writer, Mike Pettigano, argues that many news outlets are now just trying to look for sensational stories.  They make bigger stories out of certain situations for their own profit.  He knew something was going to happen after the Casey Anthony trial was dying down.

PR Newswire is also reporting that many sexual abuse crimes among children are going unreported by the media.  It names many statistics about these types of crimes.  Also I find it quite disturbing how the media doesn’t shed more light on preventing such actions.  This disturbed me not just because of how I don’t feel it is right, but it is the career that I plan on pursuing.

Alright let’s change the mood.  I don’t want to just give the bad news.  I also want to shed some other things that are not so disturbing.  Which I saved for last because it is more likely to be what you guys remember from my post.

In 2010 some trends started to take hold.  In the more digital world that we are living in, text messaging hit the mainstream market.  Text messaging to some people is like a quicker version of email.  You can get on your email, but it is just more convenient to text your message to the recipient.  This texting train is also being boarded by newspapers who are losing money.  Also many companies have started to create apps for people to put on their phone so that they can market themselves in another way.  These apps can list specials, give coupons, and sometimes let their customers place an order.  There is also the Burger King affect, in which you can have it your way.  You are able to create, share, and sell on a much more price efficient level for the average person.  All these are nice additions to the way people live their lives.

Hubspot Blog also listed some marketing trends.  Advertisers are going to spend more money creating mobile advertisements.  In large part this is due to their second trend that smartphones are becoming to dominate the world.  Sure you cannot do everything on all smartphones, like use Flash on an iPhone.  But overall you are given many options on how you can gather information on the go.  Apps that use social networks are also hitting it big.  People spend 1 out of every 6 minutes on a social network now according to the blog.  That is a lot of room to make a lot of advertising dollars.

This should at least make you wonder slightly about the future of advertising.  Is advertising gone.  No it defiantly is not.  But its finding ways to adapt and it will continue to do so.  They used an example of this how by how now their advertisements include coupons.  Where is advertising going is always going to change.  It is going to go where people are.

Another industry that has changed a lot of recent years is the Music Industry.  In just the past decade it has changed radically.  The record companies have to change their model because their model became broken.  This led to a decrease in profits.  In the world of today, money talks.  Just look at the Penn State situation from earlier.  Some companies have even started giving away their music free as a way to try to bring more fans to the shows.  The live performances are where most of the money is made anyway.

Another place where someone is making a big splash is Microsoft with the new Xbox 360 update.  The new update is marketed as an “all-in’one” device for all you entertainment.  Netflix, ESPN,, YouTube, and more are all on this update and will be if not all ready downloadable to consumers.  This is arguably one of Microsoft’s best moves of late to stay with Apple who a lot of people have turned to.

Alright everybody this will probably be my last post on this particular blog.  But follow my other blogs on this site and me on Twitter to find out what I’m up to.  I think next spring is going to be a big semester for me.  I have some cool things lined up.