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What is Google+?
Google+ is the first full blown attempt at social networking by Google Inc.  It was released June 2011 as an invite-only project meant to rival that of the social network giant, Facebook.  During the invite-only stage it was a like a running test to work out any problems that may arrive.  This invite-only phase lasted until September 20, 2011 when it was released to all users 18 and up, and those who want to lie about their age.According to the Lynda.com video, it only took Google+ 90 days to be one-third the size of Twitter.  It also only took Google+ four WEEKS, to reach the same amount of users as it took Twitter to gain in its first four YEARS.  Google+ has also incorporated Facebook and Twitter into its interface for users to sync all together.

Some Google+ Features:
Google+’s home page is relatively easy to understand, kind of like how Facebook’s used to be in my opinion.  In the upper part of the screen you can go to other Google services like Gmail, Calender, Reader, YouTube, Documents, and more.  It’s kind of like one-stop shopping everything since many already use the other Google services.But then when you scroll down you see the Google+ icon and to its right, five buttons that do different things.  The first button, going left to right, is the Home page which takes you to your own personal Google+ homepage.  It shows recent updates by the people in your circles.  To your right you can select which stream you choose to see on your homepage, for example Friends, Family, etc.

The next button is the Photos button.  You can select this button to view shared photos by your friends, if they share them with you, and your own photos.  The third button is the Profile button, which when pressed takes you to your own profile page where you can see your posts, information you share, etc.

The fourth button is the Circles button where you go to see the people you have added to circles, and which circles they are located in.  The fifth button is the Games button.  You press that if you want to play games, simple enough right?  Also, yes for you Angry Birds fans you can play that game on Google+.

Those five buttons stay there as you navigate Google+ just like the previously mentioned part about other Google services.  But you can also start things called Hangouts, which are essentially group chats where you can share videos, webcams, and other neat stuff.


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How Google+ compares to Other Social Media Outlets:
Google+ is very similar to Facebook in many ways and would be its closest relative; in terms of which other social media it compares best too.You can still share things, and talk amongst friends like the other social media sites, but some of the differences include:

  1. Google+ does not have a 140 character limit-its limit is 2,000 words.
  2. Nobody can follow the circles that you create like you can with Twitter lists.
  3. Google+ also allows you to move your information much easier than Facebook does.
  4. Google+ users use their real names as opposed to @LoMoMarlins and the likes.
  5. You are supposed to have a much easier time exporting the data from Google+ that you have submitted than Facebook, although I have not tried doing it on Google+ yet…But I did try to on Facebook and its been about a week since I got a message saying they would email me when my data was ready to export.  I do not think I did the process wrong, but if I did it just shows how difficult it can be to export information from Facebook.

Google+ appears like it is going to stick around for awhile as of right now.  It has its positives, and its negatives which really aren’t much different from the other social media sites.  It definately has potential in my case.  As of right now I cannot really do a whole lot on Google+ because my friends have not migrated there.  But once more of them go there I can defiantly see it becoming more fun for me personally.  I would recommend this tutorial to people who want to learn more about Google+.  It was quite easy to comprehend and not overwhelming in terms of time.  If you want to see more about Google+ in more detail I am attaching a PDF of my notes I took as well as screenshots below.  Also there are many sites out on there you can find with good legit information concerning Google+.

Google+ Notes I took From Lynda.com

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