“You can observe a lot just by watching.” – Yogi Berra (Industry Leaders Blog)


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The Social Learning Theory derived from the works of Albert Bandurastates that people learn from one another, via observation, imitation, and modeling.  This is exemplified when children try to replicate what their roles models do.  This can be be both good and/or bad depending on what you choose to learn from these role models.I am a Journalism/Telecommunications, News Track, student currently at Ball State University.  I want to get into the sports side of this field, but I have many other interests, such as politics and country music radio, that I can get into with this chosen field of study.My main goal is to get into sports journalism/broadcasting, so there are some people in this field that I look up to for different reasons.  These reasons can include things such as: their overall knowledge on a subject, their style, and how they carry themselves.

Some of these people I look up to include Jason Whitlock, Jay Bilas, Peter Gammons, Jayson Stark, and Ken Rosenthal.  Each of these people offer great insight into the field that I hope to join.  Gammons has been enshrined into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  Rosenthal is the lead reporter for Major League Baseball on FOX.  Stark is a writer for ESPN.com, and one of the few blogs I regularly follow.  Bilas was named the best analyst in college basketball by Sports Illustrated.  Whitlock graduated from Ball State University in 1990.


Stark & Gammons together on Oct. 22, 2009
Jayson Stark’s blog posts and tweets are very entertaining to read.  He always has interesting little tidbits about baseball that people would never thank of.  For instance I watched the game, I know the score and what happened.  But if you want to know something a little more in depth he is the place to go, if you do not want to take the time to look up the information yourself.According to TweetStats.com as of the evening of October 25, 2011 Stark is averaging 18.1 tweets per day.  He also has a Klout scoreof 72.  Klout also has him most influential in the topics about baseball, ESPN, and sports.  His highest tweet density is in the early evening.Peter Gammons is one the most highly regarded names in baseball.  In terms of baseball knowledge Gammons is the go-to man.

According to Sporting News Radio President, David Gow, “Peter Gammons is baseball’s top authority, his knowledge, insights and relationships are unparalleled.”

As of October 25, 2011 TweetStats.com said Gammons averages 6.6 tweets per day.  He has a Klout score of 64.  According to Klout his most influential topics are Major League Baseball, Journalism, and Media.  His highest tweet density is in the evening.  If you want baseball knowledge from arguably the most knowledgeable, Gammons is your man.  From reading his tweets you also discover Gammons has a great love of music as well as baseball.

Ken Rosenthal is the guy for live reporting, as opposed to Stark’s interesting facts and the personable side of Gammons.  Rosenthal is the sideline reporter for FOX Saturday Baseball and the MLB Playoffs on FOX.  As things happen in the game such as injuries he updates people on his live TV cut ins and Twitter feed.  You can help learn a lot about live reporting and post game pieces by reading the stories and tweets from Rosenthal.

Rosenthal averages 10.6 tweets per day and has a 70 Klout score.  Klout has him being most influential about sports, baseball, and fantasy baseball.  His highest tweet density is in the afternoon.


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My favorite two from this list are Jason Whitlock and Jay Bilas.  I may not be have the skill they currently have or the positions they hold, but I think I can relate to them the most.  Both are outspoken and say what is on their mind.  Whitlock has in fact lost jobs because of what his outspokenness led him to say.  Bilas has not gotten in trouble by his employers at times like Whitlock has, but when you listen to what he says you can tell he means it and will stand by it.Both Bilas and Whitlock’s Twitter feeds are very humorous at times.

Both know what they are talking about and have just this way of seeing what they say in a convincing way.  They do not back down from their stances and just seem like they talk like me at times.  My mouth has gotten me into trouble like Whitlock and I hold my ground strongly like Bilas.

Bilas tweets on average 13.7 times per day and has a Klout score of 68.  Klout has him being most influential about college, University of North Carolina, and business.  Whitlock tweets 13.3 times per day with a Klout score of 68.  Klout has him being most influential about sports, ESPN, and money.

The Twitter feed of Bilas is filled with great college athletics knowledge.  Whitlock’s is full of great sports knowledge in general, and sometimes from a side most people would not publicize how they feel.  I really take inspiration from how Whitlock and Bilas hold themselves.

No matter how you feel about the future of journalism.  Future journalists can learn a great deal by studying these that I have talked about and many more.

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